Bake The Brownie is a health-focused Vegan & gluten-free bakery offering varieties of goodies including brownies, cakes & raw bakes. All our products are handmade to order and are all made from scratch. We believe that everyone should enjoy a treat whether they are suffering from intolerance or are following a plant-based diet. Our bakes are for everyone to enjoy and we make them with lots of love and passion.


Our Story

How it started

My Name is Thitima and I'm a person who loves baking, but it was just a hobby until my dad became gluten & dairy intolerant, it was difficult for him to look for desserts and bakeries in Bangkok, and as he was a sweet tooth and a chocolate lover I decided to start baking for him, I started doing my research on gluten-free products and what were the milk options for dairy intolerance. After a while, baking became my passion, I love sharing my bakeries with my friends and families so they could enjoy healthy desserts without feeling guilty. With gluten & dairy-free family, we were also very healthy so I would really focus on the healthy ingredients as well. I personally am an animal lover and don’t believe that using an animal product is the only way to make a dessert taste good or better, so I decided to not use any animal product in my bakeries as I strongly believe that bakeries that are plant-based are healthier for your body and that’s why I made my bakery vegan. What I loved to bake the most was chocolate brownies and that’s how I started my bakery business, Bake the Brownie.

Orange with Foliage Fall Facebook Cover.

“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.”

Gary L. Francione